1- Can I bring more than one guest? Yes, the guest is responsible for the event cost ($1,800 USD + flight) Booking of flight is guest’s responsibility.

2- What is the deadline to let ZENNOA know if I’m bringing a guest? First week of September.

3- When are the fees due (partial payment for event if you didn’t qualify with full benefits)? Sept 20th, 2020

4- What does the event cost include? Hotel stay* 5 days, 4 nights, breakfast for 4 days, welcome and farewell dinner, some lunches and excursion. * Hotel room based in double occupancy

5- Do the maintained months for qualification need to be consecutive months? No, just make sure the rank is maintained during the qualification period. Example: Ted reaches and maintains Zen 4 in April and May, then in June he is only Zen 3 but in July and August he again reaches Zen 4. Ted will qualify for his benefit of only paying $1073 for the event + flight.

6- Do the required enrollments need to be direct or within my group? The enrollments must be direct enrollment to qualify.

7- Do the enrollments need to be in consecutive months or within the qualification period? Can I enroll 3 people in one month? Enrollments can be done during the qualification period and you can make all your enrollments in one month.

8- What is the minimum CV required for my enrollments? Please refer to the minimum required on your market.

9- Am I allowed to make placements during the Beach Club qualification period? If the placement is helping the affiliate to reach a rank to qualify for Beach Club, it will not be allowed.

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