Because of your relationship with ZENNOA, the Affordable College Plan (ACP) has been made available as a community resource and complimentary benefit to assist in your business goals.We are able to offer college scholarships at over 500 colleges and universities across the country to families who join and have a conversation with a college coach. An additional benefit is we will increase the scholarship amounts with additional coaching and help to fund your business organically, reduce current debt, and plan for better college funding. All of this is COMPLIMENTARY and at no cost because of your affiliation with ACP and ZENNOA. 

How does the Scholarship Program work? 

  • As soon as you join ZENNOA you will receive a welcoming email from our company with some instructions including the phone number/email to contact to sign up with our Scholarship Program. For existing ZENNOA accounts you only have to contact them by phone or email. 
  • After the call you will receive an email from Tuition Rewards with a link to create an account with your own username and password. 
  • Make sure you register all the names of children or grandchildren with their birthdates

Here’s the way to earn points through the ZENNOA Scholarship Program:

  • Create an acc – 1000 pts
  • For each child you register in the program- 500 pts
  • On each registered child birthday -500 pts 
  • Refer a friend to join the Scholarship Program (max 6) -500 pts
  • Sign up at ZENNOA and schedule a Loyalty Order the same day – 500 pts
  • On an annual basis for being current with the program and having an annual review with a ACP coach - 1,000 points

YOU can EASILY earn 1500 pts for only signing up with ZENNOA and scheduling your Loyalty Order same day and creating your Scholarship account!

Contact Information:


Toll Free:  844-3COLLEGE

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