If you have a scheduled Loyalty Order and want to delete it, you may do so by deactivating and removing it. 

Please follow these steps

  1. Go to your Backoffice and click on the Account tab.

 2. Once you are on the Account tab, click on Loyalty Orders, (which is located on the left side, underneath the main tabs).

3. If you have not already, deactivate your Loyalty Order, click on the button making it from blue to grey. 

4. Once it is deactivated, refresh the page. (Click on this symbol on the top left side of your web browser in order to refresh).

5. Then you will see the word "remove" in blue underneath it. Click on it and it will be removed.
*You may need to refresh the page again if it does not remove it right away

Thank you for following the steps on how to remove a Loyalty Order. 

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