Welcome to ZENNOA 2019 Beach Club!

We invite you to qualify for this exciting Leadership Event held in November 17-22, 2019 in Phuket, Thailand

To participate you have a period of up to 6 months from March 2019 - August 2019 and from those months, ZENNOA will take only 3 months to calculate your qualification.  August plus your 2 best months in the period. Thus we say:

"Three (3) months qualification  •  Period March 1– August 31, 2019"

"At the end of the period, your 3 months used to calculate your qualification points include points from August and your 2 highest Rank months."

The qualification is for Zen 4 and above so just make sure you that in Aug. 2019 you become at least a ZEN 4. Now, the higher ranks you have during the period, the more you will qualify for.

"2019 Beach Club qualifications are for Zen 4 and higher based on achieved points. Each month you reach Zen 4 or higher, a specific amount of points are allocated. (see table)"

For example, by advancing to Zen 6 or above and maintaining at least Zen 6 for August and other 2 months during that period, your total points accumulated cover the full amount of the event entry ticket. Whether you are here or below this rank, the qualification has two additional ways to help you earn more points. 1. Rank Advancement and 2. Maintain Rank Advancement which will be explained below.

"By reaching and maintaining your new rank for 4 or 5 months, there is an additional 10% or 20% bonus points respectively of the 3 month qualification."

For example: If you went from Zen 7 to Zen 8 and ended Z8 in May, Jun., Jul., and Aug., you ’ll get 10% more points. We add Aug plus 2 high Rank months (660 + 660 + 660 = 1980 ) and then add 10% or 198 points for a total of  2178 points. But, if you kept the new Zen 8 for 5 months during the period, you’ll get 20% more points. Take those same 3 months (660 + 660 + 660 = 1980) and then add 20% or 396 points for a total of  2376 points. This example assumes that August was Zen 8

•  "20% additional bonus points for each Rank advancement* past Zen 4. Your base Rank is Feb. 2019."

Ex: If in Feb. 2019 you were a Zen 7 and in March you were paid Zen 8, aside from the 660 points, there is an  additional 132 bonus points (20% of 660) for rank advancement. These bonus points could be added for each rank advancement achieved  during the qualification period if more than one rank advancement takes place. At the end of the period ZENNOA will calculate and count points only from the 3 month used for the qualification. Rank Advancement from Zen 3 to Zen 4 does not count for this additional bonus. 

Event Entry Ticket Rules

  1. A total 1350 points are required per person for a shared room with another qualifier. If you prefer to bring a guest, you will need to get an additional event entry ticket.  

  2. If qualifier prefers a single occupancy room, an additional 600 points apply to the event entry ticket. (Qualification Requirement: 1950 points) 

  3. Event Entry Ticket includes hotel, meeting, one group tour, all breakfasts, some lunches and dinners, and shuttle to/from the hotel and airport for one person (flight ticket is not included) 

  4. Your points apply to your event entry ticket. Remainder of points can be used towards your airplane ticket or a guest entry ticket. If you have additional points and desire to purchase an airline ticket you must do so before receiving reimbursement in your eWallet. Proof of purchase is required. 

  5. Attendees are responsible to pay the outstanding point difference in US dollars to ZENNOA by Sep. 27th, 2019. Failure to do so  will cancel your event participation.

  6. *Rank Advancement base is Zen 4. These Bonus Points start from Zen 5 and higher and are allocated only once per same Rank Advancement. These may not be used if qualifier reaches higher ranks in the period.

  7. Total points will be calculated by adding the 3 month qualification Points, then if applicable this total is multiplied by the Maintain Bonus (10% or 20%) and finally the Rank advancement (20%) will be added. 

  8. 1 point = 1 USD. Points are non transferable. Cancelation fee will apply after 45 days prior to event date. No buy-ins will be allowed. 

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