ZENNOA® 300/500/1,000 Club

Rules and Regulations

The ZENNOA® 300/500/1,000 Club is a promotional program that will give a Member/Affiliate a chance to earn additional Rewards Points. It is only available to active ZENNOA® Members/Affiliates and is not available to customers or cancelled/suspended accounts. The ZENNOA® 300/500/1,000 Club Promotion is available in all open markets.

New Members/Affiliates Enrollment Pack Volume cannot count towards this promotion. If any additional order is placed during month 0 – volume will count towards promotion.

A Member/Affiliate must acquire the Personal Reward Volume (PRV), as outlined below, within the qualifying calendar month to earn Rewards Points.

300 Club = 50 RP (300 – 499 PRV in the qualifying month)

500 Club = 100 RP (500 – 999 PRV in the qualifying month)

1,000 Club = 250 RP (1,000+ PRV in the qualifying month)

*PRV = Personal Rewards Volume

Qualifiers are announced and notified on or around the 15th of the following month. An email will be sent to all qualifiers by the ZENNOA® Success Team with information on how many Rewards Points they earned. These points will be available in the eWallet.

Members/Affiliates can use earned Rewards Points towards free products of their choice. As a reminder these products do not have any Reward Volume (RV). Affiliate pays Shipping & Handling on free product. Free Products purchased with a Rewards Points are ineligible for a return or refund.

Rules and regulations offering Reward Points are subject to change at any time, at the discretion of ZENNOA®. There are no product or monetary substitutions.

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