The Grand Report is great way to keep track of a lot of information related to you and your organization that will help you build your ZENNOA business. You can have access to your Grand Report going to your Business tab and under Overview you will find the button View Overview Report. This is some of your organization's information that you can access from the Overview Report:

  • What wave they belong to
  • Name/ ID/ Email/ Phone Number/ Market 
  • Account Status: Active or Inactive
  • How many channels on that specific organization
  • LTV ( Lifetime Team Volume) 
  • Date of last order placed
  • Next Loyalty Order Personal Rewards Value ( LO PRV)
  • Total LOs  (Total Volume for current Loyalty Order)
  • Last three months information on PRV ( Personal Rewards Value), TRV ( Team Rewards Volume), OV2+ ( Outside Volume in channel 2+), OV3+ ( Outside Volume in channel 3+)
  • Enroller/ Enroller ID
  • Sponsor/ Sponsor ID
  • Rank (Actual)
  • Highest Rank (Paid)
  • Join Date
  • Last date the report was updated on this specific account

But we are not done yet! Let's share with you some of the Overview Report's features:

  1. You can filter all the columns that show the blue fonts in ascending, descending or alphabetical order. 
  2.  You can download your report (by clicking in the button shown below) and send to your email on a .CSV file. From the Excel file you will be able to filter and hide columns as you wish and keep the information that you need from your organization. 

3. You can also update your reports at any time, however the report update automatically each day at midnight Utah time. If you have a big organization the report will take more time to update, remember to give  it a few minutes to update. 

If you want to know when your report was last updated, just scroll to your right and it will show in the last column of your report:

4. If you want to get rid of some columns and just focus in specific information on your report, you can always filter the column.

Just double click in any of the options you want to filter and the column will disappear:

5.  If you want to show only the organization of the members of your Wave 1 (Direct Enrollees) just click as shown below. Click on the drop down menu arrow and choose the name you want to show in the report.

6. To look for an specific name in your organization just type the name on the search bar on the right side of the report: 

7.  Another feature of this report is the capability to see your Team Tree Volume Report, just click here:

After doing this, your name will show. You are just a click away to show your whole team report! Simply click on the arrow by your name or any name and you'll show the information you need from your Team tree. 

  • With the new Team Tree Volume Report now you can easily find your organizational levels
  • You can quickly find your direct enrollments
  • You are able to identify the direct enrollments of your personal enrollees
  • You can download reports to better manage your business

The same features of your Overview Report can be also found on your Team Tree Report. (Download, Update, Filter and Search Bar)

Things to remember:

  • If it seems like your report is not showing all the way remember to slide the bar on the bottom of the page to your right so you can show the missing information:

We invite you to keep navigating the Overview Report, the more you use it the more familiar you'll get with all its features and information. Enjoy!

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