ZENNOA® has partnered with HyperWallet to allow you to transfer your commissions earned to a HyperWallet account. From there, depending on your market, you can use your funds with a prepaid debit card, transfer funds to your bank account, transfer funds to a Moneygram, etc. 

In order to have a HyperWallet account created for you, there are some details you'll need to provide:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email (valid and confirmed)

  • Social Security Number or appropriate government ID

  • Date of Birth (valid and over 18)

  • Default address in your addresses list

  • Phone number

If you have labeled yourself as a business account, you'll also need:

  • Legal business name

  • EIN or government ID

These items can be added in your Back Office in the Account tab under Personal / Business Information.

Please remember after adding all necessary information a Send to HyperWallet button will appear only if you have a balance available in your eWallet.

*If you get an error message like the one below, it means that HyperWallet was not able to verify the information you provided. Please review your DOB, email, SSN, phone, etc. If you need further assistance, please click the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of this screen or email support@zennoa.com.

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