Want to place an order and have another Affiliate receive the volume?
You may do so by placing an Allocated Order:

  1. Go to your Backoffice and click on Account
  2. On the left hand side click on Orders
  3. Under Options to Place Orders, search for the Affiliate that you want to receive the volume. You can search by name, ID #, or email.
  4. Select their name and you will see that name in blue, which means it is selected. (If you need to change the name or accidentally click on the wrong affiliate you will need to refresh the page).
  5. To continue, click on Start with the Order Allocation. Then simply follow the steps as you would with a regular order.
  6. The volume allocated will show immediately in the account to where you assigned.

*The Grand Report will show volume allocated.
**The order code for Allocated Orders will appear in your order history starting with KPO

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