The Sunburst Organization Chart is an excellent tool to have a full view of your entire organization. You can find it under the Business tab in your Backoffice. 

Here are some guidelines to better understand this chart:

  • In the middle of the chart you will find yourself identified in one color. When you hover over the account, it will show first and last name, ID number, highest paid and achieved rank, market the account is enrolled in, current month PRV and TRV as well as contact information (email address and phone number); the same applies to each member of your organization.
  • The people directly under you will be displayed in a different color, as well as their organizations, to show you that they are all part of one team.
  • By clicking ONCE on any name, the chart will show his/her organization. If you click on the name again, it will take you back to their sponsor's organization view.
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