This graph will help you compare the volume you have with what is needed for the rank you want to achieve.

Each rank has a fixed amount to be paid in commissions. In order to qualify for a certain rank, you need to make sure you achieve each of the requirements as shown in the dynamic graph.

Each ring represents different requirements. Starting from the outside in:

Blue ring - represents Team Volume (TV)
Pink ring - represents Outside Volume 2+ Leg (OV 2+)
Green ring - represents Outside Volume 3+ Leg (OV 3+)

When you hover over the rings, different data will be shown in the center circle. You will see: 

  1. The percentage you have achieved towards that rank.
  2.  Over that percentage, you will see the volume needed for the rank.

    Above the circle graph, your achieved paid rank for the current month is shown. As the month progresses, you will see that the achieved rank is updated as the Commissionable Volume (CV) requirements are achieved.

    Below the circle graph, a drop down box automatically shows the rank you are closest to reach and the amount you can earn at that rank.

    You may also select other ranks you would like to achieve, and the rings will adjust to show new required volumes. By calculating your current volume with the rank requirements, you will know the additional volume needed to get paid as that rank.

This chart is a great tool for your business and will help you find your paid rank!

-To earn commissions, you must have the market required Personal Volume (PV).
-This chart updates the volume immediately after your personal order is placed or someone in your team place an order.

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