You may only use one payment type per order. However, if you have funds on your eWallet you can use more than one type of payment method for a purchase. You may split purchases between a credit card and eWallet.

1. To pay with a combination of credit card and eWallet, sign in and begin the checkout process as normal. 

2. Once you reach the Payment section of checkout the box of your Ewallet balance will be automatically selected. 

*Any amount available in your eWallet will be shown as your Balance

 3. If your eWallet balance is higher than the total price of the order, the order will          be paid in full using only the eWallet payment option. Click “Complete Purchase” to place order.        

4. If your eWallet balance is lower than the order total, you will need to use a credit card to cover the remaining balance. Add or select the card you would like to use for the remaining balance.

5. You will see that the system calculates the remaining amount to be paid
*The eWallet balance being applied, as well as the remaining amount to pay, will be displayed in red

6. Select a credit card from the list of saved cards or add a new card, and then click the “Complete Purchase” button to process your order.
7. If you want to apply your eWallet balance towards your Loyalty Order you may do so by going to your Account Tab and eWallet tab on your left and selecting the Use my ewallet balance towards my Loyalty Order option.  

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