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When members receive commissions, ZENNOA is required by law to submit tax documents when specific amounts are reached. In order to do so, you will need to provide your personal government identification (this will vary by market). 

Here are some acceptable forms of ID per country:

  • United Kingdom: NINO Number (ex. 980190962)
  • Viet Nam: National ID Number (ex. 8-12 digits)
  • United States: Social Security Number (ex. 555-55-5555)
  • Germany: Germany Identity Card (ex. 123456789)
  • France: VAT Registration Number (ex. FRXX123456789)
  • Poland: Pesel Number (ex. YYMMDDZZZXQ)
  • Ireland: Passport Number (ex. 1234567890)
  • Singapore: National Registration Identity Card (ex. Y1234567)
  • Netherlands: BSN Number
  • Belgium: National Register Number (ex. 12345678901)
  • Lithuania: Government ID (ex. F123456789JE)
  • Mexico: CURP Number (ex. 123456789123456789)
  • New Zealand: National Health Index Number (ex. 116XC65)
  • Ukraine: National Passport
  • Russia: National Passport

If you are registering as a business, you may be required to provide additional identification such as an EIN number or VAT number.  You are required to make sure your registration is compliant with all country tax laws.  If you need help understanding what's required, chat with us or email

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