When starting a checkout in ZENNOA®, you may be wondering why it asks whether you'd like to Continue as Guest or Create Member Account. Here are the main differences between the two:

  • Member Accounts: By creating a Member Account, you will be able to buy all of the ZENNOA products at preferred pricing! You will create a login and will receive your own Back Office, which includes awesome content on our products and company, with access to our learning management system, and more! Members are also able to enroll in the Loyalty Order Program, which is a perfect way to set up and purchase recurring monthly products. Members are eligible to earn Rewards Points! Additionally, by sharing the ZENNOA products and opportunity, you can build your own business and become an Affiliate Member! Affiliate Members are eligible to earn even more monthly rewards, such as Cash Rewards and Bonuses.

  • Guest Checkout: Guests are able to buy all of the ZENNOA products at retail price, and will not be asked to provide any information other than that required for shipping your product! You will not be given a login and ZENNOA will only keep the information pertinent to your order.

Member to Affiliate

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